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Can I put the white wave pads on any board?

-The white wave traction pads will mount to any voile hardware equipped splitboard. It will also mount to any 4x4 hole pattern snowboard if the 4x4 mount hardware is used.

What kind of board works best for binding free riding?

-Your favourite powder board will work dandy. Powder specific shapes are best. Boards with taper, swallow tails, rocker, etc.

Do I need to buy two kits to be able to mount on my splitboard and solid board?

-Nope, one can be mounted to either board as long as you have the optional 4x4 hardware.

Can I ride the pads on hardpack?

-Some people can wrangle the setup on hard pack, but it's a battle. Powder is best. You don't need waist deep but the board should float and be able to sink in an edge when making turns. Binding free riding is best in the backcountry.

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